Premier Patient Dental Membership Program

No Insurance? No Problem.

We all know good preventative healthcare decreases the chance of complicated and expensive procedures down the road.

To help our community get access to the high-quality dental care provided by Bremerton Dental, we have a Premier Patient Membership program.

Annual Membership Fees:
Standard Membership: $399
Periodontal Membership: $449

This annual membership is open to anyone without dental insurance.

The Premier Patient Membership is not insurance – it is a simple and straightforward discount. It allows individuals to receive routine dental services free of charge, as well as other dental services at reduced prices. Unlike insurance,  there are:

  • NO deductibles
  • NO annual spending limits
  • NO waiting periods – benefits begin immediately

Frequently Asked Questions 

The cost is $349 for patients 14 yrs old and older, and $299 for children under 14.
There are no other fees associated with the program. Additional dental treatment will be billed to the patient after the 15% discount. Patients decide what treatment to accept, and the office staff will provide costs associated with treatment before scheduling the treatment.

No. You will receive an email reminding you the annual program is going to expire within one to two months. You will receive an invoice for the renewal fee. It is up to you if you want to continue each year. You will have to make a payment each year to renew.

The Membership Program is only available to patients without insurance. If you lose your insurance benefits, you can enroll at anytime. If you obtain dental insurance while you’re enrolled, insurance will be used. Work with our front desk team to create the best treatment plan for your situation.

The Membership Program includes everything needed for preventative care and oral health maintenance. Panoramic X-rays are used to diagnose more complex dental needs, and may be called for in certain circumstances. If the procedure requires a “pano,” the program’s 15% discount will apply.

An Emergency or Limited Exam is the evaluation of a specific oral health problem or complaint (a toothache). This may require interpretation of information acquired through additional diagnostic procedures such as a Panoramic X-ray. The 15% Discount is applicable to procedures not covered by the Emergency Exam clause.

Since 1975, Bremerton Dental has lead the way in community-centered dentistry, and continues to make our patients feel like family. This program was created in response to a need we see in our community. Preventative care and regular maintenance lead to better long-term health. The Membership Program is our way of promoting consistent care.

Patients with periodontal disease (mild, moderate, severe) are advised to visit the hygienist for specialized treatment more frequently than every 6 months. Almost half of the US population will experience periodontal disease. The hygienist and doctor create cleaning (more precisely known as scaling), maintenance and restorative plans to address the unique circumstances of each patient. When periodontal therapy is warranted, the membership fee is increased by $50 and membership will include 2 perio-maintenance visits instead of prophylaxis cleanings. Additional scaling is treated as a separate dental treatment with the applicable 15% discount.